Car Cover Outdoor Sedan

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?Protect Your Car All Seasons?This is a car cover that you will need for all-season protections. Whatever your car is exposed to the sun in summer, covered with heavy snow in winter, or parked on the street for a few days, Audew car cover can protect your car from sun, rain, snow, dust,and scratch, keeping the car far away from all kinds of annoying elements.
?Premium Material?Audew car cover is made of 6 layers materials by pressing process into a heavy-duty car cover, 6 layers materials include Nonwoven, PE, Aluminium film, PE, EVA, Soft linning, compared to other polyester material car cover, it is thicker and softer, and more durable.WHERE IS FRONT SIDE: There is a label “FRONT” sewn into the car cover to distinguish the front and rear side.
?Upgraded Windproof Design?After optimizing and upgrading, we design five straps to make the car cover stay in place- four straps tied on four wheels, and one strap passed through the middle of the car; and combine the elastic hem on the bottom fixing on the car, the performance of windproof and durability is better than other similar 6 layers products that only have easily broken plastic buckle fixed in the front and rear.
?Reflective Strips?Reflective warning tapes are attached to the front, middle and rear of the car to prevent collision accidents in dark environments and greatly improve the safety of roadside parking at night.
?Reliable After-sale Services? Audew car cover will fit almost all the sedan from 175’’ to 192″ long (Dimensions: 192″Lx76″Wx56″H), if you don’t know how to measure your car, or you have any issue after purchasing, please feel free to contact us, we will give you a solution ASAP.

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