Change Tesla Model 3 Seats Color | Best Vegan Leather Seat Covers

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Change Tesla Model 3 Seats Color | Best Vegan Leather Seat Covers.

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In this video i show you how to change your seats color and how to install the leather Seat Covers. It is very important to protect the original seats, if you want to sell your car later the value will be higher and also you have 15 color to choice from. So if you want a new appearance for your interior i think it is the best way to go.

Personally i was very impress with the Seat Covers Quality and the way they fit. Those are totally the best seats cover i ever has and test. Totally Recommended.

About Seat Covers :

Up to 15 colors to choose from – While Tesla offers you two color options for Model 3 seats, TAPTES offer up to 15 colors. You can have two or more colors combined, different color piping, etc. Leather swatches are available for you to see the color and material first. Click here to order the swatches.

Get your old and worn Model 3 refreshed at price as low as $229.99 – While Tesla charges you $1,000 for each seat upholstered, TAPTES seat covers are offered at as low as $229.99. With seat covers installed, most car seats can last 5-6 more years at least.

Full protection even for the front armrest – The full set or front seat covers not only protect all the 5 seats, also include a front center armrest cover, (not included in the option “back row seat covers only”). Protect your Model 3 seats from dirt, liquid stain, grime, abrasion, pets or kids, keep clean.

Compatible with seat heaters, seat adjustments, airbags – TAPTES seat covers will not influence the seat heaters, and airbags of your Model 3, as well as seat adjustments, based on our design and test.

Custom fit – Durable, smooth surface, breathable design, universal for all seasons, easy to clean and comfortable to sit on. Follow the shape of Tesla original seats so that the seat covers are able to fit snugly.

Urgent orders available – The seat covers are made to order. If you would like to get your order expedited, please contact customer service.

Please let us know what color you’d like to have through email (, or leave a note when placing the order.

About Taptes :

TAPTES understands that what we sell are more than just Tesla aftermarket accessories. They’re the key to enjoy your driving fun. They’re essential to getting a perfect driving experience. For us, creating a good quality, reasonable cost product is as important to us as your Tesla is to you. We are a wholesaler of aftermarket Tesla accessories, our team is able to deliver quality products at good price because of our dedication to the field and our wholesale business model. We will keep bringing more and more Tesla Model S, X, 3 aftermarket accessories for Tesla owners.

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