Check out they have a few brick and mortar stores in the Kansas City metro area and are adding new tools daily to their website. This is their current sales flyer page…
Lisle 13120 Electrical Connector Separator
Made by Lang- A and E Hand Tools 1138 Magnetic Retractable Test Lead
Lang Tools 6571 5/16″ x 10mm Extra Long Battery Terminal Wrench
Lang Tools 3977 Angled Hose Clamp Pliers
GEARWRENCH 12 Pc. 12 Point Indexing Combination Metric Wrench Set – 85488
Mayhew Pro Tools 28650 Spring Loaded Hose Clamp Plier for 11/16-to-2-Inch Self Tightening Hose Clamps
Electronic Specialties 143 Automotive Test Lead Kit
Electronic Specialties 190 Relay Buddy Automotive Relay Tester
Mityvac MITMV4533 Cooling System AirEvac Kit
POWER PROBE III Master Combo Kit – Red (PPKIT03S) Includes Power Probe III with PPECT3000 and Accessories
Grey Pneumatic 2189D Lug Socket
Grey Pneumatic 1/2 DR 22MM X 22.5MM FLIP SKT 2191D
CTA Tools 1799 Flip Socket – 21mm x 21.5mm (I’m sure they come from the same Taiwan manufacturer, but I couldn’t find the 21.5 GP socket on Amazon)
For Pre-Order on Acme power tools, or just check prices here
For Pre-Order or price checks at International check here
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Amazon wish list for tools, chances are I’m sure you could find something to use also…
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Clark’s Tool & Equipment is an excellent tool store for anyone that’s in the Kansas City area. They’re almost always cheaper than Amazon, and most other places online that sell tools. If they could get the shipping costs fingered out then they’d sell more high-quality tools than anyone, anywhere. In this video, I picked up quite a few things I’ve been wanting for a long time. Most of this video is either for my general service cart or stand-alone service cart as far as the hand tools. I did pick up quite a few things to help with diagnostics as well. After all it’s a flat rate world out there, even when you’re working hourly…
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