Close Deals with the Right Sales Tools – Hammer It Closed™

Closing a sale is a science. It’s about language and rules. Keep in mind that closing isn’t limited to making a sale. Closing can also be getting a cell phone number, getting a referral, or getting a meeting. Whenever you ask for and get commitment, that’s closing.

So how do you close? There are several rules. The first is that closing demands that you, as a salesperson, have to put your prospect in a temporary state of discomfort. You’re not trying to make someone buy your product or service. You just want them to see your request as reasonable.

So how do you do this? With MJ Hoffman you’ll learn over 16 different closing techniques as well as what language to use. There are all sorts of directions a sale could go, so we give you all the tools you’ll need to be covered. Hammer It Closed™ with MJ Hoffman.

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