Closerscopy Review, Lifetime Deal & 20% OFF Coupon – Best Sales Copywriting Tool?

In this Closerscopy review video we will learn Closercopy copywriting software’s features. You can also get Closerscopy lifetime deal with 20% OFF on unlimited plan.

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00:00 Introduction
00:08 What is ClosersCopy?
00:49 ClosersCopy Demo
01:26 ClosersCopy Writer Screen
02:15 ClosersCopy App Overview
02:58 Compete (SEO & SERP Content Research)
03:46 SEO Competitors Outline
05:03 Questions From SEO Competitors
06:02 Stats From SEO Competitors
06:39 Keywords List & Cluster From SEO Competitors
08:56 Compose – AI Auto Drafts
12:20 Frameworks – AI Writing Modules
14:10 Create Article Titles with CloserCopy
14:59 Article Outlines with CloserCopy
16:19 Create PAS with CloserCopy
17:41 Longform – Write Blog or Article with AI (Open-Ended)
21:29 Right Click Context Menu (AI write, Rephrase, Summarize, GPT3, Translate & more)
22:54 Wizard – Draft Templates
25:14 Libraries – Data Collection
25:18 Templates – Copy Writing
27:24 Thesaurus
27:47 Words for Copy Writing
28:36 Article Backups & Restore
28:47 Insights Emotions & Sentiment
29:20 Sentence Improvements
29:34 Keyword Density
29:59 Spam Score
30:19 Passive Voice Checker
30:45 Translations & Languages
31:14 Tutorials & Knoweldgebase
31:20 Conclusion

Closerscopy is a software which has reinvented copywriting with AI writing.

Not only does ClosersCopy take care of your entire copywriting needs, but it also available on lifetime deal.

In this review, I will break down its best features and show you how to use them to beat your competition in content marketing and copy-writing.

Artificial Intelligence is trained on actual sales conversations and successful marketing campaigns.

Longform is a writing assistant that continues to produce content. There are no limits, filters, or restrictions; all you need to do is start with an open-ended sentence and AI will come up with the rest.

There are 50+ AI marketing frameworks you can take advantage of to automate your content for a lot of different purposes. Fill in the text box and let the AI agent handle ad copy, outline creation,  and much more.

Identify weaknesses in your copy via sentence length and passive phrasing. Fix some of the long-winded phrases or shortening sentences to make it more concise. Check the density of keywords.

The wizard will guide you through writing an entire sales letter with professionally written templates & helpful feedback to make your copy more direct and persuasive.

Set up your team and give them permission to access projects, monitor hours, etc.

Multilingual – 24 Languages
Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (BR), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and more.

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