CoronaVirus VLOG 36: Can Quercetin Improve Your Immune System?

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Can Quercetin Improve Your Immune System?
In this video we will go through many of the claims of Quercetin and see if it can help improve our immune system.
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Quercetin:What is it?
Quercetin is a natural flavonoid that is found in many vegetables and fruits.
There are 15,807 publications on quercetin which include 233 clinical trials. To put this into context, flavonoids have over 100,000 publications including over 38,000 human clinical trials.
Does it relieve pain?
There is no proof that quercetin can function as a general analgesic.
Does it reduce inflammation or allergies?
There is no human clinical trial data to support a role for quercetin in inflammation or allergy relief.
Does it improve heart health?
Quercetin has a modest effect on lowering blood pressure and lowers triglycerides which may contribute to improving cardiac health in some patients.
Does it help with endurance?
The science is conflicting on quercetin as an ergogenic. Looking very simply at the results we have, quercetin helped with physical performance in untrained but not trained men.
Does it fight cancer?
There is no information on a clinical role for quercetin as an anti-cancer agent.
Is it good for the skin?
There is no evidence to support the use of quercetin in skin health.
Hair growth?
I will finish my container of it and we will see. 🙂

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