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Okay, here is the deal.

I bought the BUDGE cover to use while driving my car from NJ to CA. Once I got home, I planned to get a GM car cover but they are almost $400 with tax. I did some looking around and found the red satin stretch car cover in the picture.

These are 2 options that are both under $100. Links to both below.

BUDGE: This cover does a good job of keeping moisture AND dust off the car. It also has eyelets on the bottom so the cover can be locked while on the car. The problem with this cover is that it does not have mirror pockets which makes it a little more difficult to install on the car and the cover does not fit very well.

AMAZON Satin Stretch: This cover fits really well and DOES have mirror pockets so it is a little easier to install and stays in place nicely. The tag that shows “front” is super small so it can be difficult to find. This cover came with elastic strips and plastic hooks to mount to the car. I could not stand the plastic hooks hitting the car when trying to install the cover so I cut them off.

Now, both of these covers are under $100 so don’t expect too much.

If you want to keep dust off your car and want the ability to LOCK your cover, the Budge is the one for you. I bought a size 3 but I would get a size 4. Especially if you have a high wing.

If you want a cover to use while your car is in the garage and are more concerned with fit (and you want it to look cool), get the Amazon cover.


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