Covercraft Block IT 200 Car Cover Review

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We invest a lot of time and money into our vehicles, so it only makes sense to do everything in our power to keep them protected. The team at Covercraft knows exactly what it takes to keep your vehicle protected indoors and out, and in any type of weather. In this video Greg is showcasing one of their most popular entry level custom car covers the Block-It-200.

Affordable Price. If you have started shopping for your own custom car cover, you may notice that most of them can be incredibly expensive. That’s exactly why Covercraft offers their Block-It-200 at such an affordable price. It offers decent all-around protection for your vehicle with a great custom fit, without the huge price tag.

3-Layer Construction. The Block-It-200 from Covercraft is designed as a dual-purpose cover. So it offers all around protection indoors as well as outdoors. Covercraft uses three of polypropylene material to manufacture the Block-It-200. This allows this cover to incredibly lightweight, as well as resist moisture, UV rays, and dust and dirt.

Custom Fit. If you decide to spend the money on a custom car cover you want it to fit snug and tight. Covercraft builds every custom car cover to your exact vehicle. So, every side mirror, antenna, fender and hood will form perfectly to the cover. So you can be confident that when you put this cover on, its going to stay on and keep your vehicle protected.

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