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A solid car cover is a must have for any automotive enthusiast. It doesn’t matter if you keep your car in the garage or outside, you invent a lot of time and money into your vehicles and you want to do all that you can to keep it safe and protected. Well the team at Covercraft knows exactly how to build quality car covers to keep it protected inside and out. And in this video Greg from is back in the shop showcasing their very effective Block-It 380 outdoor car cover.

Multiple Layers. Covercraft knows that to build a car cover that can really withstand the outdoors one single layer just won’t cut it. That’s exactly why they chose to construct their Block-It 380 car cover using three different layers of performance fabric. These three layers allow this cover to protect your vehicle against rain, snow, UV rays and all other outdoor threats.

Perfect Fit. Every single Block-It 380 car cover that Covercraft manufactures is designed for your specific vehicle. So every side mirror, antenna location and curve of your vehicle is accounted for. Meaning that not only will this Block-It 380 car cover keep it protected, but its also going to provide you with a perfect fit.

Four Season Protection. Covercraft designed their Block-It 380 car cover to provide exceptional all-weather protection for any time of the year. So it doesn’t matter if it’s a hard down pour, a foot of snow, or even blistering 90 degree heat. The Noah is more than capable of keeping your vehicle protected in all of it.

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