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Covercraft Evolution car covers, made with Kimberly-Clark’s (K-C) Evolution® fabric, provide an excellent protection value in all weather conditions. Often imitated, but never equaled, U.S.-made Evolution® fabric car covers are used by millions of car enthusiasts around the world. Evolution® has the highest UPF rating to provide maximum protection against damaging UV rays. Protecting your paint and interior helps maintain the vehicle’s value. Polypropylene fibers are bonded into a durable 4-layer non-woven finish that includes a soft bi-component inner layer of polyethylene and polypropylene fibers.

High Performance Non-Woven Fabric
Maximum UV Protection — Highest UPF rating of all K-C fabrics.
Soft-to-Paint Inner Layer — Bi-component technology blends polyethylene for softness and polypropylene for strength to assure gentle protection for paint finishes (inner layer is gray).
4-Layer Barrier — Protects against bird droppings, tree sap and industrial pollutants.
Dust / Pollution Barrier — Two middle layers of melt-blown fibers act as a filtration barrier against most airborne pollutants.
Dries Easily — Moisture is not absorbed by the fabric fibers.
Breathable — Allows any moisture or heat under the cover to easily escape.
Impact Absorption — 4-layer thickness absorbs impacts to help protect the finish from nicks, dings, dents and scratches.
4 Year Warranty
Outdoor or Indoor Use

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