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A solid car cover is a must have for any automotive enthusiast. It doesn’t matter if you keep your car in the garage or outside, you invest a lot of time and money into your vehicles and you want to do all that you can to keep it safe and protected. Well the team at Covercraft knows exactly how to build quality car covers to keep it protected inside and out. And in this video Greg from is back in the shop showcasing their Flannel custom outdoor car cover.

Polycotton Material. Covercraft knows that to build an indoor car cover that you can be confident will keep your car clean you can’t just use any material. That’s exactly why they chose to construct the Flannel car cover using a 50% heavier polycotton blend. This 50% thicker fabric allows the Flannel to excel at keeping every bit of dust and dirt off your paint.

Perfect Fit. Every Flannel custom car cover that Covercraft manufactures is designed for your specific vehicle. So every side mirror, antenna location and curve of your vehicle is accounted for. Meaning that not only will the Flannel car cover keep it protected, but it’s also going to provide you with a perfect fit.

Soft Inner Liner. Covercraft designed their Flannel car cover to not only keep the dust and dirt off your paint, but also to pamper your perfect clear coat. The polycotton blend used is incredibly soft to the touch, so you can be confident that the Flannel indoor car cover will never cause any scratches or imperfections in your perfect paint job.

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