Covercraft Weathershield HP Review

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Covercraft- WeatherShield HP Custom Car Cover

How often do you find yourself stressed and overwhelmed with anxiety when your prized passion has to stay outside during insane storms and all types of weather? Well Greg from feels the same way! But regardless not all of us have the luxury of keeping our cars inside a garage. And if you don’t you need the right car cover that’s tough enough to protect your vehicle from all and any type of weather.

That’s why in this video Greg is showcasing one of the best outdoor car covers on the market, Covercrafts Weathershield HP. When Covercraft developed the Weathersheild HP they turned to Nextec Applications to design the fabric. And trust me this is not your average outdoor car cover fabric. Nextec developed a technology to coat the physical woven fibers. What this does is not only creates a material that is incredibly strong and durable but one of the softest materials ever used on an outdoor car cover. So, you get the best of both worlds, a material that is strong enough to handle any type of weather but also soft enough never to damage that perfect paint job of yours.

But besides the material Covercraft also gives you more options than any other car cover company on the market when it comes to colors and designs. Normal car covers are boring, right? It’s always just the same old grey or tan color and that’s it. Well the Weathersheild HP is completely customizable, and you can choose from 8 different attractive colors. You can leave your car cover a purely solid color, or pick two colors and design your own two-tone car cover!

So, check out this video while Greg gives you every nitty gritty detail on the Covercraft Weathershield HP and tells you why it’s one of the best outdoor car covers on the market. And don’t forget to head over to to check out our extensive car cover inventory.

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