Covering Classic Cars SEMA Show November 2022 Bob Walton’s 1956 VW Karmann Ghia

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Tony Frank back with covering classic Cars actually we're here on setup day For SEMA 2022 so some noise because There's forklifts booths being set up But I'm here with our California Pride Duster team and we're just about set up For tomorrow when was the first day of The show and actually I'm back again With our good friend and customer Bob Walton who brought out his 1956 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia uh to the show It's a beautiful car everyone's gonna be Excited to see it so um but if I could Tell you all a lot more about this car Than I can so Bob please uh just tell us What so what makes this car so unique And rare and why it's like why do we Have to have it in the booth okay what You see is a 1956 first year ever made Uh 1956 VW Karmann Ghia and it's uh Exported to from Germany to San Francisco what's really unique about This car it's uh it's got a Jetson Supercharger that added 20 horsepower to That 30 horse and yeah So yeah you know like I think any car Guy would love to have Yeah this is dealer installed so it Makes it really rare so they hardly any Of these exist anymore Justin has a Bunch of people on the internet on Facebook pages and stuff like that Trying to trying to put them together Piece them together this is a running

Beautifully working car I could put my Hand in there turn the car on starts Right up and this is a long restoration Process of this car I was fortunate to Get it from someone who put a lot of Blood Sweat and Tears and money into Building this thing and what I guess What makes it I guess I think it's so Far everybody has been walking upset was That a 58 59 but it's a 56 so how do you See 50 seconds so it's the first year so How do you tell that apart from the 50s Yeah this is known as a low light a low Light gear has a front headlights are Lower they have little tiny rear uh tail Lights little tiny ones in 1960 they Went to a longer pointed end gear that's The most common that most people see This has the tiny the tiny tail lights And and it's also got the small bumper Bumperettes on the bumpers which is a Euro type and there's only small ones Only came on the first first uh four Years they made them the first two years First two years of this car 5657 were Just came in hard top but in 58 you can Get a convertible so these are like the Most sought after Volkswagens in the world I mean these Things fetch a pretty penny yeah If you know if you saw our video from uh October with Bob's Cars featured on our Sister company California car service Catalog he's Mr Volkswagen so

Um it's been a I've had a history lesson Then I'll get a history lesson today him And my father were talking like there's Plastic cars for a bit and the spin back Car pack so it's pretty cool now this Roof rack looks pretty unique so I got a Feeling it's not from 1956 so what makes The roof rack so no this isn't it's a It's an accessory that we found for this Car what's beautiful about this one I Love it it's a it's a vintage it's Called speed carmagia type it sits on There it's all beautifully Chrome it's Got wooden rubber dowels for the luggage Rack and it makes it really cool look at Slender it's Sleek it matches the car It's just all the little things on this Car are unique to they're special for This car and I just wanted this to stand Out and I have notchbacks and I have uh I have a kick car Speedster Outlaw Speedster and most people that's know me And know of me and they know I'm a Type 3 Volkswagen uh The Specialist so to Speak so pretty much in the type 3 Volkswagen World which are notchbacks Square backs type 3 karmagias which I Have one of those too 64. all original Car I have I have 10 classic cars I Think yeah And okay there's some what's unique About the interior because I know like It seems like there's some extra knobs That the later models don't have yeah

Kind of point out the interior the Two-tone interior looks great now yeah The seats I wasn't 56 yeah this is a This is the real seats the proper way Seats are they're thin back seats they Have the fresh air knobs two of them on There which is really rare for the cars Most people have never even seen the Second one it's got the Batwing steering Steering wheel it's got the the ACT Everything is correct on this car which Is which makes it almost impossible to Build yourself because just trying to Find parts for this thing are just Remarkably difficult and you're Fortunate to find it to complete that is Just yeah the customer just ran out of Steam or patience or money on it yeah And the car is beautiful and it's Already and today is just you know we Had decided yesterday was rolling Today's setup day and people already if They know what they're looking at They're they're loving it and then yeah And this is Bob's first time at SEMA so I think tomorrow you're going to be in Aurora I said you might need to stick Close to the booth because people are Going to have questions all day long They're going to know all about it and So as long as we have a nice q a sheet I Think we'll be able to really help them Out and what's really cool what's really Cool I noticed okay this is my first

Time SEMA so it's really neat I love This you they have like Lamborghini Pickup trucks I mean things you've never Seen in your life but that people come Over here and they're so impressed with This old car it looks like this and and Everyone's just give me thumbs up which Makes me feel good I mean this car is Nothing like what these other ones are But this is what team is about the Aftermarkets all this aftermarket Companies promoting our accessories so When you have something out here that's Yeah Like people are checking out in it thank You like everyone loves the classic Volkswagen so they think yeah everybody Stop and go hey what's that about and It's it's it's it's it's a Volkswagen Karma gear which we've all seen but There's some really unique uh stuff on Bob's built that I think people are Really going to be attracted to and There'll be plenty of pictures and extra Stuff posted to this what's great about This guy here this guy is helping us Helping us you know show these out to The world because you know most people Are into these newer stuff and when you Get someone like this who appreciates Stuff like this that's why I've grown up Doing this Classics and and so you know I'm not just here for the car and all That I'm a customer I every one of my

Cars has his car covers on them I'm Telling you those car covers are the Best car covers I'm not just saying it Because I'm here with him I'm telling You because they are the best coverage I've owned a lot of different covers and His are the best awesome thank you so Much I think people are going to like be Thrilled once they get to see this and This is the the spot cars recently uh Finished uh first time show and it's the So the first time out is uh at SEMA so That's a big do so I think it's going to Be you know people really love it and We're honored that you'd want to be Married One more time Thanks again so um Bob and uh and Lucy And all the and all the dogs they all Came out to everyone so yeah just follow Our socials um on Instagram had anything On the blog and we posted some great Shots of uh the 5060 in the booth with California Car Duster thank you