Covering Classic Cars with California Car Cover and Bob Walton Vintage VWs October 2022

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I'm Tony to Frank a California Car Cover And I'm back at Star I guess it'll be Our October edition of covering classic Cars and today we're doing our our Holiday uh photo shoot and um it's our Holiday shoe but it's about the end of August so it's a little crispy out here Today we're a little hot but um I'm here With a great customer and friend of Bob Walton and um he is uh I guess you Collect a little bit of everything yes Yeah I'm a eclectic car collection yeah And I guess what kind of I know a good Mutual friend of ours Ray kind of could Put us together and we started talking Um and today we're we're all about your Air-cooled Vehicles today so you have a Quite a unique VW and Porsche collection Yes so um I guess we'll kind of like Talk about the vehicle behind us so let Us know a little bit about the uh what Not the notchback back there okay um Back in uh 1981 I uh I saw an Upperclassman at my high school driving A 60 something notch back in the school And I was amazed at how they looked they They're you know they look cool and They're lowered and fixed up like that And so later on a few years later I Bought my first one from an actor who Was in the movie called Scarface you may Have heard of it okay yeah so he uh yeah Yeah he's the guy who ends up killing Al Pacino at the end of the movie climbs

The back wall shoots him with the double Gauge shotgun but anyway he was the the Guy who owned it his wife owned it so I Bought that first car since then I've Always loved those cars so me I'm really A Type 3 Volkswagen guy and as you see We have two type threes there I actually Own six type threes No seven type threes you got a question So that's so I guess since your younger Years that's the car that you always Thought was cool yeah and it's I guess Just carried on through your collection So you however many you've had or now Have you I know you talked to Rick a Little bit as you're kind of getting Ready here now you don't really sell Them but you kind of just acquire them And fix them up and restore them and Exactly you know obviously When We're Young we don't have the money to do it So my first 62 Dodge back and 63 Squareback I had end up getting sold to Some some Japanese dealer who sold them Took them to Japan and sold them there But um over the years when I finally Started getting a better job because we You know we evolved and we end up Getting a a better job so I end up Getting a really good job obvious you Can see by the car so I mean look now so I'd buy them and restore them and then I Can't let them go to me they're like my Babies you know because they have a lot

Of Blood Sweat and Tears and money Involved in every one of them so I Actually Um Build them and hold on to them and I Tell myself sometimes I'm gonna sell one I'm gonna sell one because I own four Notchbacks all of them are 60 well 362s And a 61 so a lot of people are like Well sell me one you know I may but I Don't know it's not that you're not You're not I'm proud you sound like just Like my father Bob you're not going to Sell those cars it's like oh yeah maybe Yeah okay and it's a broken record and Then the Porsche in the middle I was Lucky to befriend a really good guy Named Ray Dunham who's who's a artist You know he's sure he builds cars but he Is an artist just like a modern day Da Vinci would be and he built that poor Speedster back there he built the 36 hot Rod and he's got a beautiful Zephyr that Was in your catalog from last year and Raised it and raised the customer that Kind of involves me with a customer for Years but Ray's the guy that kind of Connected us and at some shows and maybe She made sure said hey man Gizmo Bob has Some cool stuff you gotta you should Talk to him and um and look a year later Here we are yeah your vehicles are on The holidays I actually met you I met You personally at the uh Grand National

At the Grand National Hot Rod show and That was I walked up to I'm like hey you Got all your car covers I have I mean I Have more than a dozen of them I don't Even know how many I have I got outdoor Ones indoor ones I got you know my Favorites are your uh the yoga pants Especially the custom weave yeah Everyone loves that fabric and so and we Appreciate it and you know like just you Just keep collecting notchbacks and We'll keep out with the covers I even Have one for my wife's Tesla and for my Aston Martin I bought it for every car I Own you know we appreciate it and then Um and you kind of touched onto this Pizza with Ray so like Um and you're this piece there's a hot Rod you know yeah we went through it and You acquired it from array so what's the Story with you know it's that avocado Green it has a hopped up engine like um So let's talk about that project or Building yeah yeah it's a it's a Replicas Porsche it's uh has a 2.3 liter Um turbo motor blow through turbo in it And the thing's a rocket it weighs like 15 or 1600 pounds and it's scary fast Because those cars don't have the Suspension it's beefed up but they're Not made to do 120 miles an hour down The street yeah when you fired it up it Sounded pretty good it was ready to move It's very powerful and it's a fun car to

Drive I mean it's it's uh you know it's Just from going to stop trying to stop Sign you exhilarating and I've actually LED almost everybody that's come over That likes it that I let them drive it I Really do it's you know it's like Something to experience in your life you Know so maybe you know I'll take a ride In it with you okay I don't think you're Gonna see me yeah I take these cars to car shows local car Shows even big car shows down the hill And I always need drivers so you know if You're ever up here and there's a car Show you're welcome to drive one of them I got a lot of them you know because What did Ray do to the Speedster where Did you do it I met Ray at a Volkswagen Car Show and he had a notch back he had A 65 Nash bracket license plates at 65 Kraut it was a beautiful car and uh he Fixed it up and it was custom his was Custom and that kind of inspired my look On my car so he inspired me customized I Was always a purist you know I was a Purist and I had all my other Notch Backs and my Square back and typed their Gears you can see over there it's an all Original looking like you bought it from The showroom floor so I've always been That purist but he had a beautiful and I Can't stress it how beautiful it was it Sold for the most money that I've ever Seen a knockback ever sell for that's

How nice it was because other people see It that way too and his was lowered on Now while he's like yeah he does his Vehicles right in so um Areas does the cool stuff and so yeah um It's I guess and you guys are in YouTube And very good friends so he he was going To a good home yeah and um and I guess I Guess so it would be the rarest one of What we're shooting today would be the Other time the type three yes the psych 64. it's a 64 type 3 Karmann Ghia now They really only made them from 62 to 67. there's several 68 to 69s but They're so rare that they really don't Consider them you know because there's Only a handful of them left in the world So really there's only a six year builds That they made them from two to seven And uh that's you know that's a 64. it's An all original car it came from a Garage 2008 from the original owner who passed Away his granddaughter end up finding me On the web on their website and and I Fell off my chair when I saw a picture Of it because I could not believe what I Was looking at because those just don't Show up you know they're extremely rare You couldn't build one if you wanted to Build one you should go to a mental Facility because it would it would cost You a hundred thousand dollars just Finding parts

You know because they sell for so much Money young boys and that's all complete All I did was freshen it up you know Re-chrome the bumpers and stuff fix the Brakes the motor turned when I turned The key and it was full of water because It sat forever but but now it's it's the Best my best running Volkswagen is that Car right there it's fast it's a 1500s Model and it's a it's a show cut show I Mean it's a it wins car shows even at Custom I mean uh Classic car shows that show Fords and Mustangs and you know and Chevys and all Those cars that one does excellent Things oh that's the one that kind of Catches dry it's a little yeah it's very A little offbeat yeah if you have the The gear standing and it's just a little Different yes and I get because it has Like this Volkswagen Corvair kind of Vibe going the back is a little Corvair The front looks a little bmw-ish and and Volvos I've had arguments people don't Tell me it's a Volvo and it's like nope It's definitely a Volkswagen in and it's Probably there it was their fastest Volkswagen built at that time when they Put them out I mean I think even Afterwards until the type four came out In the 70s that had the biggest motor And it was the the best one they did Make a 1600 engine and later model bugs But that's a 1500 high compression

Engine with don't talk pistons and that Car is very rare very very very rare and It's got a cool factor of 10. and she's Like well it seems like you're you're You know you have your Restorations and You got the mild customs Um but I know you kiddies and then I guess We're shooting that at Bob's uh home and Garage here and there's a couple Vehicles off camera we're not we're not Featuring on the shot but they're cool Nonetheless but then okay how many other Volkswagens are off hidden somewhere Else that you're working on or or are Are done or almost done I have three Volkswagens a 63 squareback anthracite a 61 black notchback and a 62 anthracite Sunroof notch back one of the oldest Ones in the entire world in San Diego They're like anywhere between 70 and 95 Done so they'll be done within a year And uh and then I have also you can't See it I got my 36 Ford Um hot rod over there and I got my 2015 Aston Martin over there yeah no I love Everything and that's how like the car That I've recognized um from the high Roadster yeah scene is the is the Ford Yeah the it's pretty distinct the the Black body red Fender so it's kind of Like it's a distinct color combo so with A flathead so we're on it but so now I Recognize that before I met you so now I

Know like hey I know when yeah if I see It in a show I know you're you're there Somewhere so yeah I I like all these Different looks and I love cars you know I'm a car guy and I've been talking About getting now getting either a Muscle car like a a 442 holds or or Maybe even a Shelby Cobra or uh I I Would love to get a 50 Merc I just love Cars you know but I just I can't I have To put them somewhere they're all parked In a garage or a big building but it's They're they're full I almost got to Build bigger garages yeah so I got a Four and a half car garage take your Time building those garages because I Joke like in Southern California uh Car Guys and car ladies that's like you have Uh eight cars but a two-car garage so it Keeps it keeps us in business so I know That I don't know so take your time I own your outdoor covers too because I Had to park my truck and my 4Runner Outside and so I have covers for those But yeah I just I love your car covers They're the best car covers out there Yeah well I just you know I'm just glad That we were able to connect and you Know we'll um you know it's not just About Bob and I talking here we'll make Sure we get some some cool photos and Video of the vehicles that we're Featuring on the holiday catalog and so Um

Yeah it's end of August it's hot we're Sweating out here in the sun it's a dry Heat it is a dry heat let's try it's not It could be worse it's not like we were I was just in Kentucky for a big try Five meet and that's oh yeah that's Different but um we'll um so about Middle of October uh the catalog goes Out we're doing some fun stuff today so Definitely uh this won't be the last you See of um Bob's vehicle so it'll be uh On our holiday editions of the California Car Cover catalogs and I Appreciate you having me on all right Anytime appreciate it I really do so Thank you Bob thank you so much and uh Again it's Tony defrank with covering Classic cars and uh let's check it out On YouTube or on the California Car Cover blog for uh all the highlights From today's photo shoot