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Welcome back to another detailed product review from In this video Greg is back in the shop and this time he is taking a closer look at some serious outdoor protection for your car from the team over at Coverking and there Autobody Armor outdoor car cover.
Depending on where you live and your vehicle storage situation, most of us are stuck with having to leave our cars outside. But mother nature can be brutal, so to keep your car protected from the elements you need a car cover that can withstand anything. Well the team over at Coverking knows car covers, it’s what they do, and they do it well. There Autobody Armor outdoor car cover is one of the best outdoor covers on the market. Its designed to keep your car protected from rain, snow, sleet, powerful UV rays from the sun, and even the occasional bird dropping.
To ensure this car cover acts like a forcefield for your car Coverking uses three different layers of material. They start with an outer layer from woven polyester for maximum protection. Then sandwiched in the middle they use another layer of polyurethane for the utmost protection against water and moisture. And finally, on the inside of the cover they use the softest fleece liner possible to make sure that cherry paint of yours is always pampered.
So if your vehicle is constantly being beaten by mother nature, and it just pains you to have to leave it outside, head over to to check out Coverkings Autobody Armor outdoor car cover, and the slew of other fantastic car cover options that they have to offer.

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