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Are you sick and tired of spending four to six hours detailing that beautiful ride of yours, only to pull it out of your garage a week later and its covered in dirt and dust? Well Greg feels your pain and totally understands. That’s exactly why he is reviewing one of the best indoor car covers on the market, Coverking’s Satin Stretch indoor car cover.
Now we know that no matter how clean your garage is, dust will always tend to accumulate. Not only that but you need to be prepared for the occasional garage accident, so if it does happen you have a better shot of preventing that ding, dent, or scratch. So, to lower your stress level and regain some sanity, in this video Greg shows you all the excellent features of the Coverking Satin Stretch.
There is a good reason why the Satin Stretch is a leading indoor cover on the market. It uses lycra fabric that has an elastic characteristic to it which forms to every body panel and curve on your car snug and tight. Combine the fabric with the super tight elastic and the bottom of the cover and this prevents even the smallest particle of dust from getting on your paint.
Speaking of your paint you know that you can’t just throw any old material on that clear coat. That’s why Coverking used only the best for the Satin Stretch and lined the inside of this cover with none other than a soft cotton fleece.
And if you’re sick and tired of buying a car cover in just a boring grey or tan color the Satin Stretch is certainly worth a look. Coverking gives you 13 colors to choose from! With the additional option to create your own two-tone cover or even add racing stripes.
So, if you’re looking for a top notch indoor car cover to keep your car clean, and clear coat pampered tune into this video and check out Coverking’s Satin Stretch!

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