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Project Management
Connect any number of projects and teams. Users and documents are securely managed by Procure, Autodesk BIM 360, or Dropbox.

Team Messaging
Secure enterprise messaging is automatically provided for your Procure, Autodesk BIM 360, or Dropbox project teams. In addition, Slack workplaces can be plugged in per project.

Video Conferencing
Bring stakeholders together on demand. Schedule meetings on your calendar, hold impromptu meetings on team channels, or direct call team members. Avoid costly delays and avoid rework due to miscommunication.

Audit Trail
Track the history of your decision making. All meetings can be recorded and automatically saved to your project management system. Search, browse, and review past meetings, shared files, and messages.

Collaboration and Decision Making
Define meeting agendas. Review your latest plans in-conference with version control. Share documents and multiple screen shares. Use 3D augmented reality whiteboarding to capture issues and work status at the job site live in real time.

Issue Resolution
Annotated media is automatically uploaded to your project management system for use in Observations, Punch List Items, Submittals, and RFI’s.

Push Pins
Anyone within a conference can create Push Pins and attach notes (minutes, areas of concern, safety issues, etc) for later review.

Capture and Download
Capture and download the HoloLens real-time view at any point within a conference.

Share secure files from Procore, BIM360, or DropBox with all conference participants (including the HoloLens).

Message or call any member of your team, with support for in-conference conversations, file sharing, and notifications.

Multiple Screens
Multiple screen sharing for side-by-side discussions, all members within a conference can share their screens at the same time.

Search and View
Search and view BIM360, Procore, and

Dropbox project files to share within

a conference.

Record any conference and message

feed for later review.

Automatically sync all team members from BIM360 and Procore, enabling your team access to discuss issues around the project, also temporarily invite people outside the project into a conference.

Create one time or recurring conferences with actionable agenda items. Share conference information using email or 3rd party applications including emailed calendar reminders.

* Resolve issues by placing Push Pins anywhere on-site to indicate areas of interest.

* Place Arrows designating an area or item of interest on-site for all participants to see.

* Use the Ruler tool to measure distances between two points when on-site.

* Capture pictures and videos on-site that are then automatically uploaded to your preferred media store: Procore, BIM360, or Dropbox.

* View shared project photos, videos, PDFs, and drawings on the HoloLens.


* Significantly reduce travel to the job site

* Significantly increase presence at the job site

* Imajion’s ProjectxR provides the following benefits over traditional methods

* Improves collaboration among all parties so that informed decisions can be made faster

* Records audio and visual content to document work progress, optimize accountability, and avoid litigation

* Enable real-time design dialogue and cooperative changes

* Enable real-time design dialogue and cooperative changes

* Develops detailed records of issues with audio, video, and notation context alongside explanations

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