Currant Benefits

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8 Health Benefits of Blackcurrant

Blackcurrants (Ribes nigrum L.) are small, black, berry-like fruits native to central Europe and northern Asia. Today, they are cultivated in parts of the world with a temperate climate.

The fruits are rich in vitamin C, organic acids, and essential oils besides the other micro and macronutrients. Hence, they taste acidic but sweet. Moreover, they have phenolic compounds with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties.

The leaves of blackcurrants contain unique quercetin derivatives. These active molecules also contribute to the anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antiseptic effects.

Traditional medicine uses its extracts to manage a variety of disorders, including cancer. Today, there is a volume of clinical studies that show positive effects of blackcurrants on heart, brain, and kidney diseases.

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