Data Driven: Using BPO Reports to open new sales opportunities ⎜ SellerApp ⎜ EP 116

Ryan Cramer of PingPong Payments talks with Ram Menon of SellerApp about using BPO Reports to open new sales opportunities.

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Ram Menon is the Director of Sales at SellerApp. Ram has one vision – Guide emerging brands to absolute glory and success! He dedicates his time to help emerging brands take the right step in their Amazon Journey. He has a strong understanding of consumer behaviour and market trends across varying markets in the eCommerce domain and he is an expert strategist who can leverage market opportunities and build your brand to the next level.

The only all-in-one platform built for budding entrepreneurs, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies alike. Powered by modern machine learning technology, our tools allow you to seamlessly upscale your Amazon business. Research, operations, marketing, advertising, and sales – our platform helps you to optimize every aspect of your Amazon enterprise. We combine the best of technology and industry expertise to guarantee optimal Amazon PPC outcomes, tailored to your business needs. Outpace the competition 24/7 with advanced Amazon advertising automation features designed to maximize your ROI.

PingPong transfers more than 150 million dollars a day for eCommerce sellers just like you. Helping over 1 million customers now, PingPong has processed over 90 BILLION dollars in cross-border payments.

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