DEALERMOUTH AMBUSH CHAT. Sales tools for salespeople. Now, it’s personal.

DEALERMOUTH AMBUSH CHAT. Is a tool that will allow you to engage your clients while they are browsing around your inventory.

Imagine seeing someone looking at that Blue Cadillac that you sold new and took in trade on a new car. The customer is viewing it on your inventory tool. If your on the cutting edge you’re using But regardless of your inventory view, you can see through that someone is looking at that Caddy! Your chat box fades in.

“Looks good in blue, doesn’t it?”

The customer ignores it, “just another automated chat” or “just another operator monitored chat.”

“I took it in on trade last night. The odometer in not a typo!”

Customer is curious now. Or freaked out! Better than neutral!

“It was owned by a local Doctor. I’m Jeff. I just noticed you admiring it. WHO am I talking to?”

Imagine the possibilities…

The new “up.”

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