Design Patterns for Evolving Storytelling Through Virtual and Mixed Reality Technologies

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This keynote was a part of LDV Capital’s 3rd Annual LDV Vision Summit (May 24 & 25, 2016).

Heather Raikes, Creative Director at 8ninths, a Seattle-based virtual and mixed reality development studio, discussed archetypes that underscore the fundamentals of storytelling and emerging design patterns that can be applied to virtual and mixed reality technologies.

Heather Raikes was one of the experts we interviewed for our 2021 LDV Insights report, “Content & the Metaverse are Powered by Visual Tech”. Download it for free: 1

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LDV Capital invests in people building businesses powered by visual technologies. We thrive on collaborating with deep tech teams leveraging computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to analyze visual data. We are the only venture capital firm with this thesis.

Some examples of visual technology verticals: photonics, autonomous vehicles, mapping, robotics, food/agriculture, augmented reality, logistics, manufacturing, search, security, entertainment, healthcare, and much more.

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