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Today we are going to talk about devs speaking on modding tools info, bannerlord sale and game suggestions.

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Here we go:

– First we have a post where the devs reveal that bannerlord is now on and they are having a sale of 20% off and the first mount and blade game for free on purchase of bannerlord. is just another game selling website, but a good discount if you do not have the game right now. BTW this discount is for about 2 weeks and 4 days have already passed of those two weeks.

– Second we have a modding studio asking questions about the modding tools and if the devs will release the documentation on GitHub so the community can contribute scripts, text fixes and other things as well.

The devs replied and state that this was internally discussed and will be put up on Github at some point, no ETA at this point.

First its good to see modding studios working on this game, i cant wait for the content that will be coming out in the upcoming weeks, months and years. Second good to see the devs are trying to incorporate and work with the community as best as they can.

– Third we have the devs posting a thread talking about the terms and condition of using the modding tools. I will link the thread down below for any modders that wish to read it, but from a quick look, it looks pretty fair and definitely not garbage like another company that made a reforged edition of a classic game. Link –

– Fourth we have more modding info, the devs have set up a suggestion section in the forums where modders and users of the modding tools can suggest additions or fixes. I will link this down below aswell for anyone interested –

– Fifth we have a player bringing up a cool and unique suggestion where the player can go up to any single soldier and ask for either their remaining arrows or weapons, to follow the player or to report how much arrows and siege projectiles the army has.

The devs replied and stated they had discussed this and at this point, they are not implementing it.

I personally think this would be a great addition to the game and hopefully they do revisit this decision late on, but if they do not, if you are a modder, this would be a great mod.

– Sixth we have a player asking about an explorer mode for bannerlord where you travel the map through the simulation map and not the strategic map that we travel now. The player also provides an example on how it would look and also the player understands this would probably be hard to do, but it would be a cool idea.

Another player then links this exact feature as a mod that was made for warband. The devs then replied also stating they thought about the warband mod aswell when reading this suggestion. Devs also state that they doubt that they will explore this, but it would be an interesting mod
if it was made.

Very cool idea in my opinion and if the original modder or team that made the warband one, wants to make a bannerlord one too, would be fantastic.

That is all the statements and replies for now and if anything new comes up, i will make a video and keep you guys informed.

Lastly i am going to end this video in the same way i ended most update
and dev talk videos, i want to thank the developers for staying
active and bringing good changes.

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