Dewalt Flexvolt 9.0Ah 6.0Ah vs 20 volt max 5.0Ah 2.0Ah vs 40 volt – How Dewalt Batteries Size Up

Price teh Dewalt FlexVolt Battery pack on Amazon:
More Volts Equals More Power? – Dewalt has changed from the 18 volt battery platform to a 20 volt max battery platform a while back due to battery style changes. This change also has/had many thinking that the 20 volt max platform is more powerful than the 18 volt platform because it has 2 more volts. (Not true). Now Dewalt introduces the Flexvolt battery that is 20 volt or 60 volt depending on the tool it is in. That is awesome innovation, but also a bit deceiving. The Flexvolt battery is a 3P 20 volt battery, or 3 sets of battery cells wired in series that each equal 20 volts, then wired in parallel to produce 20 volts. When the tool is a 60 volt tool, the communication from battery to tool allows for the circuit to be changed to the battery being wired in series, allowing for 60 volts.

Confused yet? Watch our YouTube video and it will be a bit clearer.

Our point in the video is that voltage in some cases does not mean more power. We show you that the Dewalt 40 volt battery is larger and will be Dewalt’s commercial outdoor power equipment line leader, even though it is 20 volts less than the Flexvolt battery.

We want you to know what you are buying!

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