Digital marketing Tools To increase Sales 10 Times

Did you know that digital is changing our cognition? It is changing the way humans think. It’s creating new literacies. Traditionally, literacy meant the ability to read or write. New age literacy means the ability to analyze and read images, video, data. Statisticians have been crunching data for years. Now, tools do that. A very popular data visualisation tool we see is ‘Keyword Cloud’. The most frequent words looming in large font sizes, and the less frequent ones in increasingly smaller sizes. This makes the complicated metric of what is the concept defining an article into something which can be easily inferred at a glance. In the June 2008 Presidential elections, the McCain cloud was dominated by ‘oil’, ‘energy’. In contrast, Obama’s main words were ‘care’, ‘need’, ‘children’, ‘Americans’. The important inference was that Obama’s keyword cloud didn’t have many big font words. His speeches didn’t have tight focus that McCain’s had. Learn about tools in digital, in Hindi, and grow your business with help from Prof. Seema Gupta, from the Marketing area at IIMB.

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