DIY One man build 12×24 pole barn/car port/paint booth

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So lately it’s been really hot and raining. Weather had been super unpredictable. Well I decided to build a shelter so I can paint the car and work on it without getting wet or having to rush around. I was very able to build this pole barn myself 12 x 14 x 9.5 tall. If there is a will there is a way. This entire build took a afternoon at about 6 hours start to finish for 1 person. Only had to dig 6 holes 3.5’ deep and the rest was in the air. I show you a couple tricks to make the build a breeze if your by yourself or have someone who isn’t a huge help.

The boards in the air are:
4x4x12 for the legs, 6 of them
2x6x12 for the top part of the roof and all it’s supports 9 total used
2×12 galvanized roof panels 12 total on the roof
Box of 3.5’ screws and a box of screws for the roofing and your set

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