Do I need a new set of sales tools?

There are so many fancy tools you can use in sales.
Which ones do you need to be successful?
Learn about it in this podcast episode from the In Between Sales Calls Podcast

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Derek Shebby just finished his nearly 17-year career with Xerox Corporation and is now taking his business to business (B2B) modern sales training to people around the world.
For the past 10 years, he had been responsible for the training and development of sales reps and sales managers at a $100M+ division of Xerox Corporation in California.
He learned that the mastery of the sales basics was the defining trait of all top salespeople.
Becoming a master of the sales basics is a critical path to success and most salespeople come back to the basics after years of struggling to figure out how to be successful.
Because of this truth, he has created the ultimate sales training program called, Sales In 21 Days where he teaches anyone how to have a fast start in sales. This fast start can be for new salespeople OR tenured salespeople looking to sharpen the axe and get back on the right track to success. It applies to all sales professionals at any part of their career.
No theory here. Only what works in today’s modern selling world.
Currently, he has trained over 14,000 sales executives to become top sales reps and has over 500 outstanding reviews from all types of industries.
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