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Dr. Ben Marble created a free online treatment platform for Americans where he and his team of volunteer MDs have successfully treated over 150,000 COVID patients with a 99.99% survival rate.

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Your Host: Dr Syed Haider

5000+ patients treated with off label protocols, 0 deaths, only 4 briefly hospitalized, all recovered. Despite this track record I’ve fielded 5 medical board complaints, mutliple pharmacist threats, reports from insurance companies and had to retain a lawyer and fight back for my medical autonomy.

Find me online at:

– prepper antibiotics and med refills.

– COVID protocols

On both sites you can download free ebooks, register for free medical chat, and request prescriptions.

– My premium US made flagship product “IMMUNITY vitamins” is a significant upgrade to the world famous pandemic protocol of Vit C, Vit D, Zinc and Quercetin. I added Bromelain which is required to boost the absorption of Quercetin and Vit K2 which is required to prevent vitamin D triggered calcium absorption from causing hardening of the arteries. K2 instead helps send absorbed calcium to your bones where it belongs. Bromelain also digests the spike protein and down regulates the ACE2 Covid binding sites making it harder for COVID to enter cells and K2 also inhibits NF-KB and lowers the inflammatory cytokine IL-6, both of which are partially responsible for severe acute infection and long haul COVID.

Coming soon: 1. an herbal combo including Curcuminm Black Seed and Dandelion for prevention and treatment and 2. the most powerful herbal combination of 3CL protease inhibitors in the world. 3CL Protease is required for the virus to replicate and Paxlovid is an example of a prescription 3CL protease inhibitor, but Paxlovid is a combo drug including the HIV drug Ritonavir, which has a tendency for causing liver, pancreas and heart problems.


Medical cost inflation is hitting me and my patients. Gold & Silver have helped counter inflation for thousands of years. Consider joining me in buying Gold and Silver in (or out of) your IRA with the company recommended by football great Joe Montana:



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