Dragonfly Daily 07 Working with shapes in Dragonfly (2020)

Hosted by Mike Marsh, Dragonfly Product Manager at ORS
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This is lesson 7 in an ongoing daily tutorial series that teaches new users how to become Dragonfly experts in no time. This lesson introduces users to work with shapes in Dragonfly.

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Topics in this tutorial
Cylinders, Capsules, Boxes, Spheres, and Planes

LUT (Look up table), Clip, Autosave

Clip (cutaway)

Extract structured grid (oblique clipping)

Clipping, Show Data, Multiple planes

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About ORS
Object Research Systems (ORS) develops deep learning powered 3D visualization and image analysis software. Dragonfly and Dragonfly Cloud, ORS’ flagship products, provide innovators from leading universities or industries, an advanced machine learning and neural networks based segmentation engine. Dragonfly’s quantification tools then provide powerful options for counting, measuring, and characterizing image features, such as pores, fibers, grains, and much more. Its user-friendly experience translates its powerful and accurate quantitative findings in high-impact visuals. The ability to build fully automated workflows also enables reproducible results.

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