DREAMS ABOUT CAR – Find Out The Biblical Dream Meanings

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Dreams about car is perhaps, one of the common theme behind this broadcast. Car is an easy mode of transportation. It is very important to own a car because it makes journey so fast. To dream about car means God has blessed you with the work of your hands.

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It also signifies the spirit of progress, breakthrough, transformation, prosperity etc. Driving without any obstruction can be an extremely wonderful dream experience. Perhaps you are thinking of a better alternative for the course of your situation.

Your car dream could be telling you many things: First, to take a step towards your career etc. Second, it could be God is taking you somewhere in life. Third, it could mean that you are in the right part of destiny. Last;y, it could be a result of paying total attention to whatever thing you believe is your destiny.

On the other hand, if you dream that you are driving a car, it means you are taking control of your life. It is an indication that your gift will make a way for you soon. Maybe in your dream you are the only one driving the car. This clearly represent loneliness and depression.

The car in this aspect is a symbol of your life not getting the right kind of people who will contribute meaningful into your life. The reason for driving alone could also signify bad friends have deserted you because of your sudden downfall. But if your driving alone gives you joy after the dream then it means your life doesn’t require too much of people affiliating with you.

Driving requires total attention. So in this case, as a Christian, it is very important to pay attention to the way you are going. Allow the love of God to motivate you to keep moving. Cry out to God for help for whatever is bothering you. Let the Holy Spirit be your only source of your hope.

Owing a beautiful car builds your reputation in life. In the world today, a car is seen as a way to judging a man’s wealth and relevancy. You may be very correct to connect a dream of owing a car to the point of answered prayers. God might want you to own a car at a particular time. Please, ask Him first before buying a car..

Other dreams about car

1. If you dream of surviving a car accident, it means the Holy Spirit has saved you from accident, tragedy and prevented you from untimely death and sickness.
2. If you dream about a car splashing dirty water on you, it means your situation is bringing shame to you. Try to avoid people mocking you.
3. If you dream about driving a new car, it represent joy, celebration and favour.
4. If you dream about driving a car backward, it means something your car is an object of problem to you. Sell it off if you don’t like it. It could portend setbacks.
5. If you dream about buying a car, it means God is about to change your story.
6. If you dream about driving on a road you don’t know, it means you are going the wrong way of life. This could symbolize you being monitored by the enemy. Pray.
7. If you dream of carrying a dead person, it means a demonic set up to put you into problems.
8. If you dream about driving to the bush, it is a signal indicating that your enemy is trying to kidnap you, rob you and waste you.
9. If you dream about being hit by a car, it is telling you that a bad event is about to occur to you.
10. If you dream about a stolen car, it means an important thing has been stolen from you.
11. If you dream that your car door is opened, it is telling you that your car door is not security locked. Kindly go and install anti theft device on it.
12. If you dream about car on fire, it indicates a big tragedy is coming on its way.
13. If you dream about driving at night, it means you are taking a risky action/decision.
14.If you dream about boarding a one chance bus (bus for kidnapper), it means you are no longer safe or protected from evil as you may fall into the trap of your enemies anytime.
15. If you dream about finding your car key, it means the car of your promotion has been hijacked from powers of the night. Please pray well.
16. If a strange car lifted you from the bus stop, it means you are not spiritually vigilant as you are so careless about what might happen to you.
17. If you dream about police stopped you, then it means you are being restricted, delayed or limited. This dream can make you lose all your opportunities.
18. If you dream where you mistakenly drive into accident by killing a soul, it means that it has been recorded spiritually that you are a murderer. If possible, it can affects you in real life. Mind the way you drive fast, roughly or doing car race competition on the road.
19. If you dream that you killed people by driving into a shop, it means you are in trouble.



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