Dremel x Yaya Han Tools in JOANN stores! Announcement!

Hello cosplay crafters! I’m so excited to tell you that I have partnered with Dremel® to bring a new collection of rotary tools to select JOANN stores across the USA!
You can now grab essential Dremel® tools and accessories on the same shopping trip as your EVA foam and other cosplay crafting materials, and take advantage of the frequent Sales and weekly coupons JOANN offers!

We have selected two tools that we consider incredibly useful and versatile for cosplay crafting – the Dremel® 3000 with standard Flexshaft (my go-to tool) and the new cordless Dremel® Lite (bringing it to every con).

Electronic power tools are not usually available in craft stores, but hardware stores can overwhelm you with their selection, so I hope that having a couple of tried and true rotary tools in JOANN stores will make it easier for you to pick up what you need and get you on your way to crafting sooner.

Over the next few weeks, I will post costume progress and tutorials on the Dremel® 3000 and Dremel® Lite to show you just how easy they are to use!

Next time you’re in JOANN, look for an Endcap display of the two rotary tools and accessory kits with tons of bits and attachments! The Dremel® x Yaya Han items will also pop up on www.joann.com any day now!

I’m really happy Dremel® and JOANN gave me the chance to work on this project! I also want to thank YOU so much for your continued support – none of this would have been be possible without the enthusiasm of the cosplay community!!!
Please let me know what you think of these tools! Have you used the 3000 or Lite before? Isn’t the USB port so cool? What other tools would you like to have available in JOANN stores? Let me know in the comments!

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