Dustless Blasting Strips a '63 Impala in Under 1 Hour!

Main Website: We've been reading your comments and thought we'd answer some of the more common ones here: Q: What happened to all that glass and paint? A: With Dustless Blasting, the spent media and

Main Website:

We’ve been reading your comments and thought we’d answer some of the more common ones here:
Q: What happened to all that glass and paint?
A: With Dustless Blasting, the spent media and paint don’t go very far. Water encapsulates the particles being removed, and they drop to the ground. When you blast over a hard surface, like this one, you can scoop or sweep up the spent media. Others choose to blast over a plastic tarp, which catches the media and can be rolled up and thrown away.

Q: Doesn’t water cause the metal to rust?
A: By using a specially formulated Rust Inhibitor, you can prevent flash rust for up to 72 hours. Add the inhibitor to the blast water to prevent flash rust during blasting, and then use it as a rinse after blasting is complete. This will give you or the customer plenty of time to prime the vehicle.

Q: I once tried Sandblasting a car and the dust was awful. How is Dustless Blasting better?
A: The water in the process suppresses the dust plume and allows you to use far less media than traditional dry blasting. If you’ve ever sandblasted before, you’ll know how dirty everything can get, Dustless Blasting helps solve this problem.

Q: Is it expensive to buy Dustless Blasting equipment?
A: Our turn-key mobile equipment is no more than the price of a nice pickup truck. And unlike a pickup truck, the Dustless Blasting system gives you the ability to earn, on average, $300/hour. And because it’s not a franchise, you’ll never have to pay ongoing fees or royalties — you truly own your business.

Imagine how much money you could make with this level of productivity. It’s no surprise that new Dustless Blaster owners are calling it “magic”. The Dustless Blaster is faster, easier, and cleaner than any other blaster on the market. We’ve been designing and manufacturing top quality blasters since 1941, and continuous improvement has brought us to Dustless Blasting. The most incredible advancement in blasting technology in over 60 years. Find out why the Dustless Blaster is the best abrasive blaster.

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