Dyepot Weekly #191 – Shibori Inspired Wrapping Yarn Around Pipes and Lids for Unique Yarn Gradients

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[0:00] Introduction
[3:49] Wrapping the yarn around the different items
[7:00] Dyeing the wrapped paint stick
Dedicated Dye Pot – 16 cups water + 3 T white vinegar + 1 T of delphinum blue dye (1% stock solution acid dye) + 8 more cups of water + 1 more T vinegar
To clear the pot between each use, add a Swish DK yarn mop to soak up that excess color. (The same mop used through the whole video)
[12:49] Dyeing the wrapped 1.25″ PVC pipe
Same dyepot. Dharma avocado Green – 1 T of the 1% stock solution
[15:54] Dyeing the wrapped 1/2″ PVC Pipe
Same dyepot. 1 T of Espresso Bean (dharma acid dyes 1% stock solution)
[17:10] Dyeing the wrapped lid
Still a lot of espresso bean left from the previous round (no yarn mop)
+ 2 T dharma frozen (1% stock solution)
[19:13] Dyeing the hand wound ball
Same dyebath – start submerging the ball of yarn as we add the dye
2T Dharma True black
Add 3 T white vinegar
[24:21] The wet wrapped yarn
[26:15] The dried wrapped items
[26:50] The unraveled yarn and conclusions
[33:10] Don’t forget about the yarn mop!

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