eBay Sales Down in 2020? Heres how to Fix eBay Slow Sales

Experiencing slow eBay sales or are your ebay sales down in 2020?
Heres how to increase ebay sales in 2020
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Looking for ways to improve your eBay sales, or are you experiencing slow sales on eBay in 2020?
Don’t fear, you have come to the right place!
Zik analytics is a revolutionary eBay market research tool that will help you not only improve your situation if you are experiencing slow ebay sales,
but it will help your eBay business thrive and show you exactly what you need to do to increase your eBay sales.

Below, we show you how to diagnose the reasons for slow ebay sales and show you how to increase your sales.

1. Look at eBay Sales Velocity Algorithm

– High sell through rates
– Sell a Few items with 2-3 sales per day
You can view our eBay sales velocity video here

2. Check your eBay Settings and policies
– 30-60 Days return policy
– 3 or less days handling time (the less the better)

3. Increase your account activity
– 10% Traffic products
– 70% Competitor Research products
– 20% Niche research products

4. Ensure stellar customers service
– Auto messages after a sale
– Fast response time
– Avoid cases and defects
Learn how to improve your eBay feedback here

Next, you need to optimise your listings

1. Title
– Use competitors winning titles
– Change only the last words
Learn how to properly optimize your eBay titles here

2. Photos
– Re-design the photos to look unique
– Use photos in the right size
– Do not copy paste from suppliers

3. Item Specifics
– Add relevant info (size, colors, materials, features)
– Do Not Spam
– Do Not leave empty

4. Description
– Create unique description
– Do Not Use the template from your lister
– Title, features, specifications, policies

So if you are finding that your eBay sales are down this year, then check out Zik Analytics today, and give your eBay business the boost it deserves!

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