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When marketing for a Home Health Agency or Home Care Agency it is important that you make calls and sometimes, we have to make cold calls to market our Home Health agency

In this video we share with you the importance of having the right tools when marketing for home health or home care agencies. One of the main parts of marketing is making sure that you have a great presentation for your company. This is the part where you can show your company as a valuable partner with potential referral sources of patients and clients. This Video is part of our walk in video training series.

You are watching a sample video from our Online Marketing Academy that has over 150 Hours of Video and Audio training. This will provide you all the strategies needed to create a successful agency. To sign up for our online training that you can easily watch via phone, laptop, tablet, or computer.

We also now have available our Online Marketing Bootcamp that is a concentration of the whole Home Health Marketing Blueprint.

In our Bootcamp we share every step needed for a successful marketing strategy that gets you to double or triple your monthly referrals.

The Home Health Marketing Bootcamp provides step by step training on how to market you home health or home care agency. The training provided is the same information we provided in our Live Marketing Bootcamp that we are offering in multiple cities.

We will share with some Home Health Marketing Strategies that we are using to increase the patient referrals for our home health and home care agencies, as well as agencies that we consult for.

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Home Health Success Academy provides consulting and training services to help home health, home care and hospice agencies all the tools needed to increase referrals to agencies. Our consulting company also provides website development and social media marketing and management. We also provide assistance in starting your own home care agency.

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What We Do?
Home Health Marketing and Home Care Marketing is something that we are passionate about. We help agency owners, administrators and Home Health Marketers learn every aspect on how to market their services. Successfully marketing your Home Health, Homecare, or Hospice Agency will only be measured when you are able to get your referral from doctors, social workers and other sources.

Marketing is more important than ever. From increased regulations all the way to large companies seeking more grasp in the market. The average home health agencies are beginning to see a shift in the industry.

We truly understand the industry because we are owners of agencies and have experienced the struggle of finding patients. What we have done, is find what is working and implement it fully to achieve success in Marketing several of our Home Health and Non Medical Home Care Agencies.

We are here to show you everything from how to create a marketing strategy, what to bring with your visits, how to present your services. We also take time to give you the scripts and closing techniques to get the referral sources to give you the referral and not your competition.

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