Electric Swimming-Pool Safety Auto-Covers

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This pool is equipped with an auto cover. An auto cover is one of the best investments you can make when you own a pool, especially in areas where the swim season is not that long. The auto cover is also a solar cover and it will help make the water hotter. It will prevent the heater from running as much if you have a heater. It also works as a sanitizer where the raining water does not get mixed into the pool. The chemicals will never get unbalanced. It comes with a special pump you can just drop on top of the cover and it will pump water from the top of the cover. An auto cover gives you the freedom to design your own backyard. You don’t have to protect yourself, so you don’t have to install a fence between your entrance to the backyard and the pool area. This will also minimize the size of the patio you built, because the pool that is equipped with an auto cover is built closer to the backyard door because you are not going to install mesh cover you are not going to have straps sticking out of your patio. And cover the stones in the winter time because. The auto cover can be used as a winter cover and you are also going to winterize the pool differently if you have an auto cover. The best part of a safety auto cover is that you can actually walk on the cover, it’s a safety feature to protect your kids and pets from an open pool. The auto cover comes equipped with a pump that gets dropped on top of the cover and automatically pumps water out from the top of the pool. When it senses the water and shuts off when there is no more water. If you look at the dust that is sitting on the top of the cover that came with the rain, today was very hot and there was a lot of dust in the air. If you look on top of the cover you see air bubbles. The air bubbles are hot hair trapped under the cover that proves the cover retains the heat. So if your heater is running it will run for less time. If you don’t have the heater the temperature of the pool will be 10 to 15 degrees hotter than of a pool without the auto cover. This hose is connected to the pump and the water gets pumped out of the pool into the lawn. All This water would have been inside the pool and would have unbalanced the chemicals, the filter would have been backwashed and you would have to add new DE to the filter along with the other chemicals to balance the water chemistry. An auto cover is the best investment you can make when you own a pool, especially in Nord East or areas where the season is very short. This job was completed and installed by Gappsi including pool patio, with G045 travertine and the pool house. In this part of the video today is a very sunny day. Great day to use the pool. After 3 days of rain all the water was pumped out of the auto cover. The water chemistry never changed, with the homeowner you will enjoy the pool without the hassle of cleaning it.

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