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We are halfway through our series on 7 proven strategies to increase your Shopify sales. Today we are going to cover email marketing.

Email marketing accounts for approximately 23% of sales, rendering it one of the most effective marketing channels at your disposal. Successful online retailers know that one of the most reliable and profitable methods is email marketing.

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I am a wife to the most amazing man on the planet and a mother of four crazy boys! My life is driven by wanting wanting to help others be successful no matter what they want to do. My ecommerce journey started in 2014 when I was told about dropshipping from retail stores. I expanded my business to Amazon FBA and even purchased liquidation pallets to sell at a yard sale. This journey was eye opening and opened doors to adventures that I did not dream could be possible.
Since then I have sold my eBay store and now I focus solely on helping others grow their business. I do that by offering a software called Spot N Paste, which helps automate your ordering process no matter what selling platform you use, and by web design! WordPress is my expertise and I love seeing the joy that store owners have when they have a beautiful website that is designed for them and helps them drive in sales.
Come join me on this fun and crazy adventure as I give you tips on e-commerce, web design, and give you a glimpse inside my everyday life with crazy boys surrounding me. πŸ™‚

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