Episode #208 Essential B2B Prospecting Tools For Modern Sales Teams

Today we’re talking about B2B Prospecting Tools which you would rather not live without. Enjoy!

– Why copywriting and prospecting are the last things you want to outsource if you are the chef of the outbound campaign
– The best web scraping frameworks
– Use cases for web scraping
– Which tools are nice starting points for finding accounts, and what their limitations are
– The best tools for finding right people in an organization
– Why you should learn to use Google Sheets
– The ways to connect one tool with another
– How to filter out stuff that you would rather not have in your Zoom meetings

If this sounds too technical for you, find someone who understands how a certain tool works, and make sure to explain what you’re searching for.

Our Course at has a new section on personalization, so give it a go and dive deep into our best practices and outreach strategies.

Happy cold emailing!
Jeremy and Jack

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