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Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the Rampage 4-Layer outdoor truck cab cover. This is gonna give you a lot of protection. If you leave your truck just out and sitting for a while, you don’t want the paint to fade, you don’t want the dash to crack. You just want to protect it from all the elements Mother Nature throws at you. It is going to do a great job of dust, rain, sun, salt, snow, everything. And it has a pretty decent fit, but what you need to do is use the fit guide and pay attention, because we actually took this one over to my house.

My dad had one that the fit guide said it fit, but I didn’t pay attention to the cab. Ours was an extended cab and it was only going to fit a regular cab. So just make sure you pay attention whenever you use our fit guide. It’s there to help you find the exact fit for your specific truck. We have a couple of different layers on our cover, and the outer layer is gonna help protect against sun and heat.

And it’s gonna help kind of shed that water away. And then once you go to the middle different layers, they are gonna be breathable and water repellent. It’s gonna keep water out, but any moisture that comes in, it’s gonna let it breathe so that moisture can come out so it doesn’t stay trapped. And then the inner layer, of course, is for the paint. We don’t wanna scratch this thing up.

So I do recommend cleaning your vehicle before you put it on, because this will prevent it from scratching, just the actual cover itself. But if there’s some, you know, a little bit of dirt or anything like that, that will tend to kind of scratch up your paint a little bit. You’ll see it a little bit more on darker cars, but this is yellow, so we’re not going to see it. But definitely clean your vehicle before you put a cover on it. That’s just my advice.

We went ahead and took the antenna out. So if it doesn’t retract, you’re gonna have to take it out. If not, what you can do is you can cut a hole, and we have an extra little grommet. So one side will go on one side and the other on the other, and it’ll clip down. So once you get it in place, you can cut that hole and then you put the grommet in and slide it over your antenna. So, you have those options. I just took it off, because it really didn’t take a whole lot of time. All in all, it’s a good cover. It’s gonna protect and it doesn’t really fit perfect, but it’s not a custom fit cover. So if that’s what you’re looking for, this isn’t really gonna do it for you, but it gets the job done. I mean, it has places for it to breathe and stuff like that. One thing I would add to it, though. We do have a matching truck bed cover. So, I might as well just do both of them, just because a lot of water and stuff is going to puddle up in here, and depending on what kind of truck you have, a lot of them start to rust out. So if you have an old classic, definitely do it. If you have a wood bed, definitely do it. But if you’re already getting this, I’d just suggest grabbing it. And that’ll do it for a look at the Rampage 4-Layer outdoor truck cab cover..

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