Extended Reality Opening Show

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We brought a corporate meeting into 3D, real time, interactive life which gives us the limitless ability to blend the physical and virtual worlds.

Client: Arçelik
Agency: MiceWizard & Setur
Director: Serdar Biliş
Performing Artist: Mert Fırat
XR Studio: Magicbox
XR Concept & Production Design: illusionist
Executive Director: Ozan Savaş
Content Director:Emre Barca
Project Manager: Doğa Kurtuluş
Visual Design: Beren Tekin
VFX Artist: Kutbettin Ecevit,
Lead Compositing Artist: Furkan Alabaş
Unreal Engine Artist: Buğra Bulut
Music & Sound Design: ibrahim Özmen
Video & Editing: Osman Çetinkaya

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