Extended Reality Service Prototyping Experiment (Complete)

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The experiment engages the participants with two CSPs where participants read a leaflet, watch a video and use three ISPs where participants interact with objects within a virtual reality environment, in an augmented reality environment, or in a mixed reality environment. All participants utilize these SPs to complete the disassembling and assembling tasks by using the support of each of the different SP forms. The mechanical element to disassemble/assemble is composed of a three-part metal construction with coinciding unique components. The three-part metal construction has multiple screws and bolts in multiple locations, which needs to be unscrewed/screwed. Participants’ attitudes were observed during the completion of the disassembling and assembling tasks when each participant reacts in the stressful situation of completing these tasks. The observations made during the two experiment sessions were noted and saved in an excel sheet as following: (1) clocking with a chronometer the duration of disassembling and assembling tasks; (2) counting the number of errors; (3) counting the number of explanation requests; and (4) capturing participants’ attitude (facial expressions) during the completion of the two tasks (including 3 attitude options: (a) happy meaning that the observer could detect a smile or positive facial expressions; (b) neutral meaning that the observer could not decode the participant’s facial expression; (c) frustrated meaning that the observer could see that the participant is sad or has a negative facial expression).


PhD Dissertation:

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