Extreme Limousine Car Stunts GT Driving Simulator Android Gameplay

We are sure that you must have played plenty of GT city stunt car simulator games. But, have you ever thought of performing awesome city stunts on a GT stunt limousine? Now is your chance to try this amazing GT city stunt limo simulator! You can perform crazy city stunts on the impossible tracks in your city limo car! The great impossible realistic city tracks will make you feel as if you are driving a real extreme GT driving limo car.

The easy to understand instructions and great graphics and sound effects will instantly make you immersed in the city GT limo simulator game. You will be immediately hooked to this extreme city GT real limo car simulator because of its extremely addictive impossible limo stunts and impossible tracks. This crazy city fast limo simulator comes with two modes! You can select between free mode and career mode.

Free mode:
Practice your crazy limousine driving skills in free mode and perform impossible crazy stunts on impossible tracks! Make all your crazy limousine city stunts dreams come true without any limitation of time constraints or mission objectives. Practice and become the best GT extreme city limousine driver in the impossible city!

Career mode:
If you think that you are ready for some GT impossible limousine driving challenge then try the career mode! You will be given different objectives in each mission and you will have to complete all your levels in some time limit in your city GT extreme Limo simulator. Perform extraordinary stunts on the impossible tracks and prove that you are the best GT limo impossible city driver!

Select the best car depending on its specifications or buy and unlock other cars!
Choose between career mode or free mode, whichever you think is better.
Select free mode if you want to practice your GT limousine driving skills and perform some impossible stunts.
You can choose career mode if you have practiced enough in free mode and perform some professional level impossible stunts!
The easy instructions and smooth controls will make this impossible tracks simulator game even more interesting for you.
There is a time limit in each level so make sure you complete your level in the shortest time you can.
Perform extremely mind-blowing stunts in the stunt city on different impossible ramps in your GT Driving Limousine car!
Reach your goals in the career mode and perform some professional level stunts on your city stunt limousine car.
Complete your mission levels on impossible ramps and unlock the next impossible city stunt GT missions.


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