Face ID Dot Projector Repair Tools Comparison Test – I2C/JC/ LUBAN

Today, REWA LAB will walk you through a detailed explanation of three dot projector repair solutions and show you the three most popular dot projector repair tools in the industry. Which one is the best choice for repair shops? Check out the video now and you will get the answer you want.

Products recommended in this video:
I2C Dot Projector Repair Programmer:
Dot Projector Flex Cable:
JC Pro1000s Pcie Nand Read & Write Programmer:
Face ID Dot Matrix Detection Module:

00:00 Intro
00:12 iPhone XS Max Face ID Not Working Fixed – Dot Projector Repair
00:54 Comparison Of Repair Process
01:36 Inspection
01:54 Burn Data
02:55 Dot Projector Flex Cable
03:51 Dot Projector Repair
04:49 Test

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