Financial Literacy in Sales – A Key Differentiating Factor in Sales Success

The skills and abilities required to make sales have been evolving in recent years with the proliferation of sales channels, technological innovation, increasing competition and the enhanced knowledge of buyers through on-line research capabilities. However, to make “valued “sales, those that are profitable and sustainable not only necessitates good sales skills, but also requires a competency in financial literacy.

What does this mean? The ability to understand the financial components that make up a sale such as cost-of-goods sold, variable and fixed expenses as well as gross and net margin are becoming important issues in delivering worthwhile sales results. In this session, we will cover some of the fundamental elements in demonstrating financial literacy.

Examples of the requirements for financial competency will be a focus of the event. The following will be learning objectives for participants in this webinar:

• Definition of terms that are essential to demonstrating financial literacy.
• Components of the different types of sales and the considerations necessary to achieve the desired sales result.
• Financial “tools” and the processes that improve sales results
• Sales tactics and strategy and how financial literacy can contribute to better sales performance.

Negotiation and persuasive skills are all important factors in delivering sales, but financial literacy may be the defining influence in longer-term sales success.

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