First Time Using My Outdoor Car Cover For My Austin Mini 30

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As this is going to be a weekend car for me, I decided to buy a outdoor car cover for my 1989 Austin Mini 30. I bought mine from UK Custom Covers and will do a review come spring of how it coped with winter weather.
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My First Mini is an Austin Mini 30. Made in 1989, this Mini is a limited edition with only 2,000 made in the Cherry Red colour and 1,000 made in black. With only 70,000 miles done in 26 years, this Mini has plenty of miles left. I intend to learn how to drive in it, bring it back to it’s former glory and take it on road trips around Europe. Hopefully you will follow me on my adventure through the next few years, discovering all there is to know about Mini’s, driving and creating some great content!

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