Flea Market/Car Boot Sale Tool Haul 19 October 2019

After three weeks of rain I finally get out to the flea market/car boot sale again. I managed to get a little video of my visit too.

I purchased some more interesting tools once again, I really enjoy looking through boxes of tools and despite it being a little cold there was quite a few stalls there.

I met another vintage tool hunter there and he too was wearing gloves to go through the boxes. he was also telling me he had set up an electrolysis rust removal system. I use white vinegar at the moment.

I managed to find a very interesting Bahco pipe wrench at one stall that I just had to have, if you have seen one before please let me know. I also had no idea that Bahco made a Footprint wrench copy either! Got to get one of those then.

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!!Always take a robust pair of gloves along to the flea market or car boot sales when rummaging around in boxes of old tools!!
Caveat Emptor “Let the buyer beware”.

This video is for entertainment purposes only!
Knives and other tools can be dangerous! Nash Rathbone is NOT responsible for personal injury or damage to property through the use, or misuse, of knives or other tools! Always use eye protection when using machines too. Thank you.



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