Ford Lincoln Town Car Executive stretch limousine limo for sale on eBay

1991 Lincoln Town Car Executive Stretch Limousine
from private ownership.

* Power steering
* Power Windows
* Power Mirrors
* Power Driver / Passenger Seats
* Power Locks
* CD Player

In the back:

* Conversion by ‘AHA’ Conversions and Limousines
* Non Smoking
* Full Color Television
* Bar with two ice chests with drainage to the outside
* Indirect dome lights
* Indirect black lights over the ice chests
* Side mirrors behind ice chests
* Full overhead mirror with surround indirect lighting
* Two Glass Brandy / Scotch Decanters
* Full assortment of wine and rock glasses
* Wood grain accent inlays

In the trunk:

* Full size spare tire
* Jack and cross wrench
* Accessories Battery

Under the Hood:

* V8 with Overhead Cam
* Recently replaced alternator
* Starts easily
* Quiet running
* Lots of pick up and go!

Preview the Limo in the Effingham, IL area anytime.

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