Free HubSpot CRM – Best Sales and Marketing Automation Tools to Close More Deals

Want to generate quality leads and close more deals? Then try the free HubSpot CRM marketing automation tools to automate the sales & marketing tasks. And your team can have the tools to save time with less work.

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The free HubSpot marketing automation software includes some nice CRM features:
– Pipeline management
– Outlook & Gmail integration
– Landing pages
– Ad management
– Email templates
– Prospect tracking
– and more

The tools your team needs to automate their sales & marketing processes are baked right into HubSpot free CRM, so you don’t have to purchase additional software.

If the free HubSpot CRM tools aren’t enough for your business, you should consider the paid marketing automation CRM because it offers many features to better meet your needs. Prices starting at just $45/mo for up to 1000 contacts.

*To learn more about HubSpot, click this link.

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