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What’s up guys, it’s Taylor Timothy, and today we’re going to talk about 10 things that you can use for free online that will help your processes and generate more leads and sales for your business. So let’s not waste any more time and dive right in.



before we dive in, guys, if you guys want this checklist, like a checklist or a download, basically hit that link below. I have an entire checklist of this video where you can go through and make sure you’re using these resources as well. So the very first resource I want to talk about is obviously Google. You gotta need to be using Google drive, Google calendar. You gotta be using Google paid ads, you gotta be using Google drive. All these resources are free and they are offered from Google, Google domains. The list goes on and on. Guys, if you’re not using Google and you’re still using like you’re hot, hotmail or Yahoo Mail, get up to 2019 guys because Google and Gmail is just gonna make your life better as an online marketer. Second one I want to be talking about is Facebook and Instagram. Obviously these are free resources that you can be doing if you’re a Google paid ad guy and not running Facebook ads.

Look into a guys. There’s a lot of like similarities there, so start running Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and make sure you guys have all of your accounts up to date. The third one I want to talk about is the Facebook pixel helper, so if you have Google chrome, it is an extension inside of Google chrome that will allow you to find and see if the Facebook pixel is actually firing on your website or even your competitors or whatever. It’s basically a tool though that is allowing you to see if the Pixel is installed correctly on the web site. Fourth one I want to talk about is the Google tag assistant thing. It’s the same thing as the Google Pixel helper for Facebook, but it’s just for Google, so obviously it’s going to help you identify the analytic analytics code. It’s going to help you identify those different things that you have installed from Google.

Fifth one I want to talk about is Pixabay. So if you need tons of free images in life, resources like that can go over to Pixabay. They have tons of free stock images. They just allow you to, you know, if you need them for backgrounds, ads, whatever. Like I said, it’s all free. The sixth one on and talk about just podcasting platforms in general. If your clients have not started podcasts or you yourself have not started a podcast yet, this is a great free resource to help build validity around you and your brand. So if you’re creating a podcast, creating tons of free content that way, obviously you have tons of platforms out there you can be using for podcast. The seventh one I want to talk about is vid IQ. So vid IQ is a tool that you can get, it’s an extension as well inside a chrome, but basically it can help you see where your videos are ranking on youtube, there’s a paid version and there’s a free version.

And in all honesty, I just use the free version. But it helps you identify even where your competitors are ranking. And what like what meta-tags are trying to rank for as well. So go check, check out the vid IQ, they eighth one I want to talk about is Calendly. So obviously a Calendly is a scheduling platform that is super nice and convenient so you can send basically a Calendly link to somebody just to schedule times to chat with you. This just makes your time more efficient. So I’m a huge advocate for Calendly. There’s tons of platforms out there that do the same thing. So figuring out which one works for you but implemented. Next one I want to talk about is upwork or Fiverr. Now I will throw a warning out there right now with upwork or Fiverr, don’t rely on these things in my opinion, for your business.

Now, rely on these people for small mini tasks that you need done. So for example, if you need a task done this, the same thing over and over and over and over, and can I say over and over and over again, then these are your people. Once you can train them just to do a mini task, they can do it over and over again and it can save you tons of time and money. Now, I wouldn’t recommend using upwork or someone overseas to go out there and start running your business. I personally wouldn’t do that, I don’t recommend it, but now, like I said, doing small mini task use these things and it’s going to save you tons of time and tons of money. The 10th one I want to talk about is called [inaudible], so technically this is paid. You have to pay $10 a month, but it gives you tons of templates that can kind of get you started and look super professional.

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