Fuel Economy Test with the Skoda Laura 1.8 TSI MT from Nagpur to Pune! (750 KMS) | Kitna Deti Hei?

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The Skoda Laura 1.8 TSI is one of India’s favourite tuner cars with its EA888 1.8 TSI being one of the easiest ways to produce big power! But why most enthusiasts shy away from the Laura 1.8 TSI is because of the high running costs and maintenance costs. Well in this video, we find out exactly how much fuel does the Laura 1.8 TSI really use when you go on a roadtrip! We took this slightly modified Skoda Laura all the way from Nagpur to Pune which around 750 Kms to find out the real world fuel economy figures! Watch the video to find out what’s the final result!

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Hosted By:
Soham Saraf

Filmed By:
Dhaval Shrikhande

Shreshth Gourish

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