Garage Sale Tool Haul ‘Fishing & Tools’

Wilde Tool G264P Combination Slip Joint Pliers, 10”
SK Hand Tool 7210 Slip Joint Pliers, 10”
Crescent CW15 15-Inch Chain Wrench
OEMTOOLS 22659 Chain Wrench 15”
TEKTON 2575 3/8” Crowfoot Wrench Set
GearWrench 81908 11pc SAE Crowfoot Wrench Set
Mayhew Select 12300 3” Mason Chisel
Dasco Pro 473 Floor Chisel, 3”
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Grabbed a few things from fishing and tools garage sale. Yes, I do actually know his name, but that’s for me to know and you to finger out… He always has some cool stuff at his yard sales so I always stop by when I know he’s having one.
Harry Nye founded The Nye Tool Co., a tool and die firm founded in 1904. It suffered during the Great Depression and Harry left it to his son Harry Gale Nye in 1932. Nye Tool Co. was sold in 1964 to the Symington-Wayne Company, who bought SK tools in 1962. They mainly manufactured cutting tools and pipe wrenches, although there are some ‘Crescent style’ wrenches and bench vises made by Nye also. Nye Tool also shared the same address as Murphy and Nye Sailmakers after 1933.
Harry Nye- Harry Nye Sr. was arrested by Chicago police January 4th of 1900 for being suspected of operating a counterfeit coin operation. Mrs. Annie Degeare charged him with such to police. He declared she laid a trap for him out of jealousy and revenge. Detectives did discover tools in his former room but he claimed they had been left there by previous tenants of hers. She claimed Nye had rented rooms from her and conducted his counterfeiting work in those rooms; with her having been witness to such operation and attested to his skills. Nye said former roomers had left behind those furnaces, bellows, chisels, and files. No molds were found. His claim was simple – they were lovers, his affection cooled, and she wanted revenge. His claim to involvement with the operation was this simple: “I used those chisels and files that were left behind experimenting on a new safety razor, which I intended to patent”. I have been unable to find record of the outcome of his arrest.
Harry Gale Nye went to Yale and was a member of the Society of Book and Snake. He didn’t graduate because his father died and he went back to Chicago to become the president of Nye Tool and Machine Works. Nye founded another company, with Jim Murphy (Murphy and Nye Sailmakers) in 1933. Today his company has partnered with Alfa Romeo and have a special edition Murphy and Nye Alfa Romeo trim level in their automotive line. Nye was one of the nation’s best yachtsmen and won the Race to Mackinac in 1950 and 1951. He also won the Star World Championships in 1942 and 1949. He also won the Bacardi Cup in 1938, 1940 and 1941, which was held in Havana, Cuba. He won the 1956 US Olympic trials, but didn’t compete due to health reasons. His daughter married Ted Turner and his family is one of the oldest in the United States tracing their lineage back to a Thomas Rogers, who was a passenger on the Mayflower.
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